Where’d the time go?

So here I am sitting in my condo with my girls sleeping beside me. Where did the time go? I leave in less than 1 week. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!!? I sure can’t.

Okay. The last few days have been all about lists, lists lists… and packing, and preparing for this epic adventure. And spending quality time with friends. Meeting for drinks, movies, and convincing a friend that she should cut my hair… Which she did a fantastic job! Figured I’d be rocking bandanas and lots of bobby pins, so wasn’t needing a pro job, however Krista… You might just have found another calling ūüėČ

So I am not the greatest at prepping.. I am a last-minute type of packer usually. But I’ve never gone away from home for so long… So I have basically packed my backpack, and gotten ready. Crazy how 5 shirts, 1 pair of pants, 1 sweater, some shorts and capris, 1 dress and 1 bathing suit as well as the other essentials is what I’ll be working with while i’m away. But I’d rather pack light and if needed get a few things out there, then have too much. Thanks to a few friends they cut down my original packing list from 2 dresses, 2 pants, 2 sweaters, 8 shirts, and 5 or 6 capris/shorts down to what is actually practical for my trip. Basically… I’ve got my flip-flops and sunscreen. I’m READY!!!!!

A few have asked me recently for my itinerary so I thought I’d address that here to explain how this trip is going. I’m as they say “flying by the seat of my pants” is that the right saying?! Anyways… I fly into HCMC and have booked a couple of nights to recover from jet lag…. and then?! I haven’t booked a thing. Some might think that’s crazy.. But it gives me the freedom to stay in places that I love longer, and leave the ones I am not feeling.. Without an agenda gives me the freedom to follow my heart all over the country of Vietnam. Yes there are the places I certainly can’t wait to see (Ha Long Bay, Sapa, Danang just to name a few) but then there’s so many other spots that I’m curious about, or I’ll learn about while I’m out there.

I’ll keep you all updated where I’m heading to next and what my plan is. But I’m being open to adventure and whatever comes my way so I can enjoy each day without a strict itinerary.

But for now… I’m off to find a waterproof phone case and run some errands. Plus the Oscars are on tonight… Looking forward to spending quality time with some friends, and enjoying what seems to be a promising show! Who are you rooting for? I think that Leo has it this year… The Revenant… If you haven’t seen it… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! ¬†The acting, cinematography, the story, TOM HARDY… just saying!!! Personally¬†I think it will probably take best actor, best director… but I’m undecided on if it’s best picture… I haven’t seen all of the nominations sadly, and I know there are some good ones so it’s hard to say but I definitely think it was one of the best this year! Got to say Mad Max: Fury Road was one of the most entertaining movies I’ve ever seen, but I don’t think it’s what the Academy will choose as best picture. ¬†And if you haven’t seen Brooklyn yet, it’s a gem of a movie. Go see it with your best friend. You won’t regret it!

Okay, off to run errands and finish some trip prep!

Love life and one another.



VIETNAM!!! or…. Your doing WHAT?!?!?

Vietnam… A place of beauty, history, spirituality, culture,¬†amazing food and BEACHES!!!!

But really…¬† Somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. I had a chance years ago to join a friend when she was going. But at that time had gotten a dog, a house, a fianc√©, and it just didn’t work for timing. I wanted to make it happen, but other priorities took precedence.

But now here I am… Living in a different (and AMAZING)¬†city, now divorced, owning my own condo¬†with two lovely pups. After another big¬†breakup, and a ticket already booked to Vietnam. I wasn’t saying no to the universe again.

Life goes around full circle, and if you don’t jump on the first time around, don’t be foolish to miss out on¬†your next chance.¬† In my mind…. life is an adventure, and I’m beyond grateful that I have this chance to begin my travelling journeys.¬† I’ve always been one for being happy for others… But now is my chance. And I’m all in.

A lot of people have found out I’m on my way to Vietnam alone. With myself and my backpack. I’ve gotten it all from “YOUR CRAZY!!!!” to “YOUR BRAVE” to “YOUR NOT READY FOR THIS”….. but then there’s the ones that really know me… and the heartache I’ve faced in the last few years, and the ups and downs… The joys and the struggles.¬†Of growing up, of moving on, of learning, and breaking, and rebuilding¬†stronger then I was….¬†Maybe I’ll talk on those things shortly on my lifestyle blog page… but to the ones that believe in great adventure… and the ones that believe in me, and my goals and my dreams.. I’m eternally grateful.¬† I’m doing this, and your support means the world to me.

Love life & Be Kind. It’s free…. And it feels good.

Xo, Vanessa