So tomorrow’s the big day! I’m off to Vietnam… Can’t believe it’s already here.
Yesterday my work brought me to tears being so kind to throw a going away party.. Maybe they  can’t wait to get rid of me for a month, although it’s more likely I’m surrounded by an incredible team of friends that love and support me and really know just how important this trip is for me… 

Thank you to all who pulled off such a meaningful surprise for me. The journal will be well used and you all truly made my day.   

I’m all packed and ready to go… Got everything accomplished for the most part… And the rest can wait til I’m back. But my house feels empty. 😪

I dropped my girls off at the kennel today. I’ve never left them for so long before and it is not easy for me to do. Luckily they had a great walk before and had so much fun… I don’t even think they’ll miss me… lol

Here’s some pics of our fun day at the kennel… Because I have the cutest dogs ever and I feel like sharing how awesome they are with you! Plus I already miss them.  



 The quote from Winnie the Pooh fits well here. I’ll miss my friends, family, co-workers and my dogs, but I’m off for an incredible adventure and I couldn’t be any more excited!!


Now go hug your dog (or cat or a loved one).
Be kind,
❤️ Vanessa 

5 thoughts on “Tomorrow!!!!

  1. Anita & Rod

    “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

    Enjoy your time creating your own book and fill us in on your experience. Anita and I are extremely happy for you. And I (Rod) am overly excited to hear about the cuisine…don’t forget to take pics.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you both! I love that quote.
      There will be so much good food, and lots of pictures to prove it! I’ll take a cooking lesson or two… See if I can become 1/2 the chef you are Rod!!!


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