Ramen and Asahi 

  I’m in Tokyo after a long day of travelling and one more flight to go. I’ve been careful not to have caffeine and to drink plenty of water but the idea of an ice cold beer with some spicy ramen won in Tokyo. And it was a great decision. 😍😍😍🍜🍺
The day has been long but things have gone smoothly so far. So thankful for that!

I will be in touch .. I’ve posted enough for the day and week probably lol, but you’ll hear from me again soon.

Hoping to get some sleep on my flight taking me to Ho Chi Minh city… What a great adventure it’s been so far!

Sleep well my friends/family back home… It’s about 5 pm here and somewhere around 2 am there… I’ve now been up for about 22 hrs… Ah well! It’s been an exciting day!


4 thoughts on “Ramen and Asahi 

  1. sldunnett

    Ciao Vanessa,
    Did you arrive there yet, I am anxiously waiting for your update saying that you arrived. Loved reading all your posts and wishing you all the best there.
    Have fun!!!


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