Unforgettable nights 

I spent a total of 3 nights in Hoi An. I could have stayed for weeks biking around, exploring, laying on the beach, and of course eating.  Hoi An is known for its culinary excellence and there’s no end to the cooking classes offered.

Hoi An is a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO. It’s a city full of flavour and romance. I posted about it once but I have to continue as so many wonderful things happened. 

I stayed my last two nights in Hoi An at the Lilac Villa. It is a wonderful place with a big hearts. I became good friends with Oanh who works there. She was so helpful, kind and always had a bright smile on her face. If you want to feel right at home, and a part of the family you should stay here. Plus they also have a pool and a nice big shower! 

 Oanh and I  


The Lilac Villa    


My second night I wandered again around the night market and somehow got hopelessly lost on way back to my villa. One thing that’s given me some insight these last few days is you can walk or bike  up and down the same streets everyday but once you cross the street you see a completely different view. A new perspective. I like that. Sometimes taking a step back and seeing a different perspective is exactly what we need. However, it seems to be a contributing factor in me losing my way to my villa. The thing is I’ve enjoyed so much losing my way that I don’t try to change it! However this time was late at night, and the back alleys cast giant shadows and my mind started playing tricks on me. Using the app maps.me helped me find my way back. It’s a free app that’s awesome for traveling. You can find information about it at this link maps.me I was very happy to find my bed that evening. ☺️

 My friend Steph that I met through trip advisor arrived in Hoi An on my 3rd day.  Her and I met at the very beginning of my trip in HCMC so I was thrilled to see her again. The world brings people together that are like minded at the right time. As wonderful as solo travelling is, it was the perfect night to have a friend. She is a kindred spirit and beautiful soul.

After I enjoyed some time at the beach I met up with her. We wandered through ancient town, bought some artwork, took in the sights and enjoyed each others company as well as a few refreshing drinks. I got to be her culinary guide enjoying the street food. Chicken fried rice, soup, Cao Lau, Banh Mi (Vietnamese sub) just to name a few things! We had a blast together and some very memorable conversations. Steph I’d be happy to travel again soon with you !

 Local artist. He let us try our hand at painting. Lol lets just say he’s the expert.  Quote in one of our restaurants we stopped at. 
Choosing some art to bring home. 


Steph and I.
  Night market 
Enjoying the night market and a visit with Mr Thanh at booth 34. He insisted we try his dinner. It was delicious 😝  

I spent the rest of evening dancing with friends and wandering the streets and meeting some of the people living in Hoi An! Vietnam stays up late and it was nice to visit and take in the nightlife. The bar was packed but I met some fellow Canadians and some lovely girls from France. We danced til late in the night and then walked back to hotels. Along the way we even enjoyed some “happy water” shots with some locals.

The next morning I booked my trip to Halong bay and Sapa. It has been a longtime dream of mine to go to Halong bay. No words can explain how grateful I am that this trip is actually happening !!! 

 I then went to the beach knowing that Northern Vietnam is a bit chilly and I’ll miss the ocean and sun. After I enjoyed the beach for awhile, it was back to villa to pack up, say goodbye for now to my wonderful host Oanh, and start my next adventure!!!

  Did I mention it includes a motorbike and climbing countless steps up a mountain before a plane ride to Hanoi? Life is good! And it’s a grand adventure 😎
Hoi An you have a piece of my Heart. I’ll make sure to visit again soon ❤️

9 thoughts on “Unforgettable nights 

  1. Mel

    This is a unforgettable blog! I must of laughed out loud a couple times!
    Such a beautiful story Vanessa!
    I am happy that I am following you on this epic adventure! I love the jewelry and fashion that you have picked up there! Always indulge in the culture for sure!
    Can not wait for thr next story!

    Enjoy! And remembee to Breathe🕉🙏🏻💕



  2. Nicole

    Again, amazing pictures!! So glad you are having such an incredible time traveling and experiencing new food, and culture!! And of course getting to meet so many great new friends!! Xoxo


  3. Anthony Hickey

    Can’t wait for the Hanoi report and your thoughts on the place. I think that there will be a huge contrast with HCMC? They shot down a lot of B-52s over Hanoi and I think that some of the wrecks are on display. Pictures of the aircraft that brings you there would also be nice😎
    Stay safe😃


  4. Ciao Vanessa,

    What an amazing trip you are having… I LOVE your posts, they are beautiful and I am so happy that you are enjoying your time and getting to know another part of the world. I am super excited that you are following your dream and making memories that will last a lifetime.
    Missing you lots and lots though Bella!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you when you get home.. we will have a lot of chatting to do, ha ha ha.


  5. Chantel Ballegeer

    You are an amazing blogger sis! This journey was meant for you and I love to read about It first hand 🙂 keep emerging in the culture, taking more amazing photos and loving life! Miss you!


  6. Krista Johnson

    Another amazing chapter! I can almost smell the market and yummy food! WARNING: Do not read this blog on an empty stomach! Since you’ve been on this epic journey, I’ve somehow increased my intake of Vietnamese and Thai food by about 100%. Can’t wait to share some with you when you return. Now…carry on!! xo


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