Marble Mountains by motorbike 

My friend Oanh knew that I had to get to Danang airport and could arrange a taxi or bus to get me there. Or she said I can hire a motorbike and he’ll take me and my luggage and drop me off at Marble Mountains for a few hours, and from there go to airport. The night before I wrote in my journal to be fearless and try new things. Yes I’ve been on the back of a bike before, even here in Vietnam but this was about a 40-50 minute trip on the highway. I was ready and excited for the adventure. 

It was another gorgeous hot day in Hoi An when we left on the bike and I enjoyed the ride so much. The fresh air felt amazing.

I arrived at Marble Mountains and started climbing step by step. (You can take an elevator up if you have mobility issues but I wanted to take in the full experience).  The steps are uneven and at times challenging but the sights were well worth it.

  Marble Mountains is a collection of 5 mountains just outside of Danang.  It is also called the element mountains. The five mountains are named after the five elements; Kim (metal), Thuy (water), Moc (wood), Hoa (fire) and Tho (earth). There are many statues, temples, caves and purgulas along the way. There are different steps and different paths you can take but I chose to go all the way to the top. It felt like a great accomplishment!

 Me at the top of the mountain.  
   It was sweltering hot and I underestimated just how high up I was going. I was prepared with good footwear but I hadn’t eaten lunch before I left and it didn’t take long for me to feel depleted. If you go to Marble Mountains my advice is to have lots of water, good supportive shoes and make sure you’ve eaten a proper meal. I had a snack halfway through walking about and felt much better. I was very thankful for my keens while on this mountain. They are the perfect supportive sandals for travelling with. Mine are the rose sandals and the toe protector has been  a lifesaver on the uneven sidewalks and stairs in Vietnam! Plus they’re pretty cute ☺️   



Was a great way to spend the day before taking my flight to Hanoi. Another wonderful day in a beautiful and kind country. I’m thankful to be travelling like this!

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