Hello Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and I believe the population is close to 9 million people. It’s a very busy city but there’s a lot of history and beauty throughout it.

 I arrived to Hanoi from Sapa in the evening and was quiet sick. Luckily by the morning I was doing better and was able to view the city. I had previously stopped in Hanoi overnight before going to Ha Long Bay but was such a short visit I didn’t  get to see much. I stayed at the Hanoisy Hostel which was surprisingly quiet for being in the backpacking district. Being sick is never fun but there were two lovely girls staying there that got me some medication and checked on me a few times. Was a huge help.

I went to the Hoa Lo prison, also known as the “Hanoi Hilton” that imprisoned Vietnamese political prisoners before the war and US pilots during the war. It was a sobering view of history. I’ll get into the Vietnam/American war talk in a future post.

Hoa Lo prison

 I also visited the temple of literature which is a tranquil getaway from the noise in the city as well as an important part of Hanoi’s history, as it was the first national university in Vietnam. I got to witness a bunch of graduates taking there class pictures there.


Temple of Literature


I was pleasantly surprised by how clean this city was considering how densley populated it is. There’s lots to see and do in Hanoi especially when it comes to the history of Vietnam.   

In the evening I met up with Nguyen of VK Tour Co, Ltd. We connected through Instagram as he has stunning photos of Vietnam posted. He used to be a tour guide, and branched out to start his own company. If you need help booking a trip to Vietnam, or booking tours I would highly recommend you contact him. http://www.vktour.com/

He was able to help book my flight the following morning to Da Lat. It was a pleasure to meet him. 

We ate some of the best pho I had on my trip at Pho Cuong. Hanoi is famous for their pho. I wasn’t disappointed !


Nguyen and I
my ride to Da Lat
Hanoi wasn’t big on my list of places to spend much time in, but I’m glad I spent the two nights and one day. There was lots to see and I’ll have to make it back one day to explore some more.

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