Let’s just talk about the food 😉

The food in Vietnam has been epic so far. So let’s just look at some pictures. I hope your not hungry!!

Depending on the region in Vietnam, the food has different flavours or different dishes. So for example the Pho in the south tastes very different then the Pho in the north. Also some dishes can only be found in certain cities such as Cao Lau is only found in Hoi An.

So enjoy some food photos and be inspired to go travel and enjoy some of the Vietnamese cuisine.

seafood hot pot, frogs legs and good company
Overcooked rice. you rip it apart like bread! It was great!
close up of hot pot and frogs legs
pork wonton with yellow noodles
fried rice
coconut icecream. so sad only had this on last night! it has ice cream,coconut, sticky rice, and even corn. was so great!
well… I had to try at least one “delicacy”. my friend and I indulged it Balut. And when I say indulged I mean attempted it. Its certainly not for everyone. … It wasnt for us!!
The Pho is different in every region. Personally I think the North (Hanoi) and Central (Da Lat) do it best. I had Pho everyday in Da Lat at Pho Trang. It’s a must
Oh the coffee in Vietnam! ❤️
I rarely enjoyed anything except Vietnamese food. Except for 1 pizza, and one Mexican meal. This pizza in Da Lat was fabulous, from Primavera
tofu, beef, chicken, pork etc etc. What a great spread!
steamed fish
spring rolls, bean sprouts, veggies, chicken and so much more
spring rolls, cabbage, chicken and more
the Sangria with watermelon and passion fruit was unreal!

bbq’d oysters. So good!
When someone offers you to try this. you do! great fried noodle with shrimp and pork

rose dumplings
cao lau


always say yes to the coconut dounut
one of my favorite dishes. Banh Xeo, also papaya salad. delicious! One of my best meals at the waterwheel in Hoi An.

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