Hi! I’m Vanessa Shalamar.

A 30 something Canadian girl with a passion for life, photography and travel. A girl who loves her dogs, enjoys nature, yoga and spending time in the mountains. I am brand new to the travel and lifestyle blogging industry and excited to be a part of it.

This is a travel blog with a side of real life, lessons I’ve learned, or am learning, and the journey that I’m on.  Some post will be gritty, real and full of my own truth. Other posts will be all about travel, adventure, and what exciting things are to come.

Why the name learning to fly? My favorite song “Blackbird” by the Beatles. The lyrics “take these broken wings and learn to fly” have guided me in this life.  I’ve been through a lot these past few years, and although some have tried to break my wings, or try to make me live with clipped wings, I’ve realized I’m not one to live that way.  That after all I’m not broken at all. The ones that tried to hold me down, really just gave me the strength to pull through and have taught me that I am able to be exactly who I am without apology.

I seek adventure, love and happiness in every corner. I want to live life, and not merely watch it from the sidelines. I choose to live with my heart wide open, accepting my emotions as real and being okay with being vulnerable.  Being someone who is empathetic isn’t always easy, but over the last while I’ve learned to own it.  It allows me to be me, it allows me to experience life for what is, and live authentically. I’m not perfect, nor would I strive to be. So come experience the adventures with me. It’s going to be quite the ride!!

Love life & be Kind,



 Ps these are my girls and they are amazing!  You’ll be seeing a lot of them 😊


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Anita & Rod

    Congratulations on spreading your wings Vanessa and we kindly thank you for sharing your dreams and goals with us. Anita and I are certainly looking forward to taking flight along with you and experincing your dramatic journey through your photographs and following what is certain to be an unforgettable memoir through your blog. Wishing you all the best with your adventures.


    Anita & Rod

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  2. Melissa

    This trip will be something that You never forget and you will always have the feelings of when you are there flood your heart and soul.
    “Eat, Pray, Love”
    Having such freedom and compassion to go on such adventures are rare: grab it by the reins and go!!
    Super excited to hear about all the things you will try, do and experience!

    🕉🙏🏻💕 Namaste my friend 🤗


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