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Vietnam here I come!

Got my keens! Check

Got my journal ! Check 

Kennel for my dogs booked? Check!

Got my plug adaptor, my buff, my backpack, flashlight, my visa, my passport! Check! Check! Check!

But there’s still so much to do to prepare for this first of many great trips.

Today I feel slightly overwhelmed while getting prepared for this trip. Packing list after packing list, and so many to do lists, and you need to buy this lists.. So instead of being productive as I feel anxiety creeping in, me and my girls (my Dogs) go for long walk and take in the fresh air and the unreal weather we’ve been having in Calgary. Then I dye my hair because it’s the perfect thing to do instead of trip sorting and getting ready for work….. Some days I shake my own head at myself 😉

Anyways… To come is a packing list my friend helped me make, to be fully prepared for all to come in Vietnam. Btw.. I leave in about 2.5 weeks but who’s counting !!!!!!!!!!